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Every record tells a story. Here's a few stories in my collection. Also, I've been a down-to-earth vinyl nut for decades, so if you want some record collecting advice, just ask.

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Which version of Boston’s debut album should we play? The regular version, the gorgeous picture disc, or the audiophile, half-speed mastered edition? Oh, decisions, decisions…

The biggest hit by the Church. Got to meet them at a college press conference at Arista around then and the signed copy of Starfish hangs on my wall to this day.

This is an early ’80s compilation of Australian post-punk acts, and the only reason to get it is for the obscure Split Enz non-LP song, “Next Exit,” which features the rather salacious chorus, “I’m gettin’ off at the next exit.” Actually, that’s not a good reason either.

So I’m playing the Blues Brothers soundtrack while I clean the house and my eight-year-old daughter asks about it and I explain a little of the movie’s plot. Naturally, she asks if she can see the DVD, and I say, “No, it has some grown-up stuff in it, plus there’s a lot of bad language.” She looks me in the eye with a big grin and says, “But Daddy, using potty words in a sentence makes whatever you’re saying HILARIOUS!”

Today I found out that not Nick Heyward didn’t just write and sing all those complicated cocktail jazz pop songs for Haircut 100; before the band took off, he was a record sleeve designer, so he designed all the group’s single sleeves too.

Beauty and brains—Cathy Dennis wrote and produced her own stuff, and  creates hits for others to this day. I’ll always be stumped as to why she didn’t wind up bigger than Madonna.

Caught the Retro Futura Tour tonight, featuring Tom Bailey of Thompson Twins, performing their hits for the first time in 27 years. I was never a big fan, but holy crap, what a great show! Songs that were always too electronic for my tastes, like “Lies” for instance, really swing when played live by a band. The rest of the acts—Howard Jones, Midge Ure, China Crisis and Katrina from Katrina and the Waves—weren’t slouches either.

Spotted a piece of local rock radio history for sale at Hi-Fidelity Records in Amityville: WBAB-FM’s old copy of the Rolling Stones’ classic, Sticky Fingers. Lots of interesting things going on here: First, Andy Warhol designed the cover with a real metal zipper down the front, so the masking tape has been carefully applied to cover it up and keep it from ruining other records. Second, some of the notes to the DJ staff are fun—”Wild Horses” is considered “Major!”

One of my favorites: Hi-Fidelity Records in Amityville, NY

Sort of a mix between Shoegaze and War-era U2, The Chameleons UK were a cult band that could’ve been huge, I think. This is the US release of their third (and I believe last) album, Strange Times; a limited number came with a six-song bonus EP that includes the best cover ever of “Tomorrow Never Knows.” Included in the shot is a promo flyer that came with my press copy of the LP way back when.

Dang, that’s me at every party of my single days, checkin’ the platters while someone else hooks up.

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Man, what a rock n’ roll voice on this singer. Not really my cup o’ tea, but an interesting listen nonetheless.

Oingo Boingo’s moderately rare “Out Of Control” 12-inch, remixed by Arthur Baker